United Way Campaign

For helping us make a difference in our community, NMSU United Way would like to thank you all.


Pledge or Decline

$10 a week provides:
346 deliveries of Meals on Wheels to frail, elderly people so they can remain in their homes.

Giving $7 a week provides:
14 days of shelter care for adult and child victims of domestic abuse.

Giving $5 a week provides:
food, shelter, and clothing for one victim of a disaster such as a home fire
or a box of food for a family of four.

Giving $1 a week provides:
snacks for children in safe after-school programs — or diapers for one
homeless toddler or a powerful advocate for an abused child for one month.

Giving 50 cents a week provides:
clothing for two children or 24-hour rape crisis intervention service or the weekly
services of one Americorps Volunteer to work with our community’s children.